논문 (최근 3년간의 실적)

테이블 이름 - 년도 및 제목
년도 제목
2022-12-05 Advanced LDH-MOF derived bimetallic NiCoP electrocatalyst for methanol electrooxidation
2022-12-01 In situ construction of FeOOH@Fe3O4 for efficient electrocatalytic urea oxidation
2022-12-01 Energy exchange potentials and superior reversibility of modulated tungsten oxide hydrate photochromic thin films and nano inks with the assistance of LSPR and non-LSPR agents
2022-11-15 Thermo-Responsive Hydrogel with Deep Eutectic Mixture Co-Monomer as Drawing Agent for Forward Osmosis
2022-11-01 Electronic structure modulation of multi-walled carbon nanotubes using azo dye for inducing non-radical reaction: Effect of graphitic nitrogen and structural defect
2022-09-01 Poly(acrylic acid)/polysaccharides IPN derived metal free catalyst for rapid hydrogen generation via NaBH4 methanolysis
2022-08-15 Silicene nanosheets as support fillers for thin film composite forward osmosis membranes
2022-08-15 Synthesis of hybrid dual-MOF encapsulated phase-changing material for improved broadband light absorption and light to heat conversion enabling efficient solar energy storage
2022-08-01 Transformation of waste onion peels into core shell Fe3C@N doped carbon as a robust electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
2022-07-15 Efficient imidazolium ionic liquid as a tri-functional robust catalyst for chemical fixation of CO2 into cyclic carbonates
2022-07-15 Tailoring the PEO-based ion conductive ionene as potential quasi-solid electrolyte for electrochemical devices
2022-07-01 Hydroxypicolinic acid tethered on magnetite core-silica shell (HPCA@SiO2@Fe3O4) as an effective and reusable adsorbent for practical Co(II) recovery
2022-06-01 Achieving transmissive-to-black chromism via engineered dual electro-thermoresponsive single-molecule for full modulation of solar transmittance
2022-05-01 Paving way for sustainable earth-abundant metal based catalysts for chemical fixation of CO2 into epoxides for cyclic carbonate formation
2022-04-20 Ground coffee waste-derived carbon for adsorptive removal of caffeine: Effect of surface chemistry and porous structure
2022-04-07 ZnO–ZnFe2O4/Fe3O4/Carbon Nanocomposites for Ultrasensitive and Selective Dopamine Detection
2022-04-01 Sustainable, hydrophobic, and reusable paper waste aerogel as an effective and versatile oil absorbent
2022-03-25 Organic ligands for the development of adsorbents for Cs+sequestration: A review
2022-03-25 Multifunctional dual-pore network aerogel composite material for broadband sound absorption, thermal insulation, and fire repellent application
2022-03-25 Double-porous PET waste-derived nanofibrous aerogel for effective broadband acoustic absorption and transmission
2022-03-17 Critical review, recent updates on zeolitic imidazolate framework-67 (ZIF-67) and its derivatives for electrochemical water splitting
2022-03-15 A synergistic and unique corrosive/non-corrosive integrated impacts of waste recycled and activated multi-Al composites
2022-03-01 Selective and sustainable recovery of Au3+ through complexation-reduction capture and mechano-assisted release
2022-02-01 Hyper-crosslinked tetraphenylborate as a regenerable sorbent for Cs+ sequestration in aqueous media through cation-π interaction
2022-01-15 Electrochemically engineered zinc(iron)oxyhydroxide/zinc ferrite heterostructure with interfacial microstructure and hydrophilicity ideal for supercapacitors
2022-01-15 Synergistically Interfaced Bifunctional Transition Metal Selenides for High-Rate Hydrogen Production Via Urea Electrolysis
2022-01-05 Excellent wideband acoustic absorption of a multifunctional composite fibrous panel with dual-pore network from milled corrugated box wastes
2022-01-01 Alginate/chitosan bi-layer hydrogel as a novel tea bag with in-cup decaffeination
2022-01-01 Methylcellulose/tannic acid complex particles coated on alginate hydrogel scaffold via Pickering for removal of methylene blue from aqueous and quinoline from non-aqueous media
2021-12-27 The formation of pillar-ion in the Li layer decreasing Li/Ni disorder and improving the structural stability of cation doped Ni-rich LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2: A first-principles verification
2021-12-01 Improving the reduction and sensing capability of Fe3O4 towards 4-nitrophenol by coupling with ZnO/Fe0/Fe3C/graphitic carbon using ZnFe-LDH@carbon as a template
2021-12-01 Preparation and evaluation of epoxy resins for the selective removal of Cs+ in high-level liquid waste
2021-11-30 Asparagine anchored on mesoporous silica for Au (III) capture: elucidation of adsorption-reduction mechanisms and their implications towards selective Au (III) recovery
2021-11-15 Multidentate thia-crown ethers as hyper-crosslinked macroporous adsorbent resins for the efficient Pd/Pt recovery and separation from highly acidic spent automotive catalyst leachate
2021-11-01 Synergetic effect of ZnCo2O4/inorganic salt as a sustainable catalyst system for CO2 utilization
2021-11-01 All-in-one display device with multicolor states derived from NBU-3 MOF/monoalkylated viologen hybrid ionogel material
2021-11-01 Synthesis and performance evaluation of plastic waste aerogel as sustainable and reusable oil absorbent
2021-10-15 Self-bleaching dual responsive poly(ionic liquid) with optical bistability toward climate-adaptable solar modulation
2021-09-15 Phase changing poly(ionic liquid) with electrolytic functionality for a single-layer ionogel smart window with multi-stimuli response
2021-09-01 Constructive designing of ternary metal oxide as an anode material for high performance lithium-ion batteries
2021-09-01 Azo-dye derived oxidised-nitrogen rich carbon sheets with high adsorption capability for dye effluent
2021-08-01 Fabrication of lightweight and robust cryogel with opposite wettability for effective oil-water separation via sustainable and toxic-free approach
2021-08-01 Process Optimization and Kinetics Analysis for Photocatalytic Degradation of Emerging Contaminant using N-doped TiO2- SiO2 nanoparticle
2021-07-26 Engineered ionene/PNIPAM hybrid dual-response material generating tunable and unique optical modes for adaptive solar transmittance modulation
2021-06-04 Highly soluble electroactive ethylenedioxythiopene (EDOT)-based copolymer obtained via 'click' copolymerization
2021-05-15 Electrochemical diagnostics of infectious viral diseases: Trends and challenges
2021-05-15 Spinel type Fe3O4 polyhedron supported on nickel foam as an electrocatalyst for water oxidation reaction
2021-05-01 Supramolecular host-guest complex of methylated β-cyclodextrin with polymerized ionic liquid ([vbim]TFSI)n as highly effective and energy-efficient thermo-regenerable draw solutes in forward osmosis
2021-04-01 Ag nanoparticles embedded defective tungsten oxide hydrate thin films for the enhanced electrochromic performance
2021-03-15 Design and synthesis of SiO2/TiO2/PDA functionalized phase change microcapsules for efficient solar-driven energy storage
2021-02-08 Direct Dimethyl Carbonates Synthesis over CeO2 and Evaluation of Catalyst Morphology Role in Catalytic Performance
2021-02-01 Removal of Cs+ in water by dibenzo-18-crown-6 ether tethered on mesoporous SBA-15 as a reusable and efficient adsorbent
2021-02-01 Growth of binder free mesoporous 3D-CuCo2O4 electrocatalysts with high activity and stability for electro-oxidation of methanol
2021-02-01 Basicity controlled MgCo2O4 nanostructures as catalyst for viable fixation of CO2 into epoxides at atmospheric pressure
2021-01-06 ZnO@Ni foam photoelectrode modified with heteroatom doped graphitic carbon for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting under solar light
2021-01-04 ‘In water’ exploration of Alpinia zerumbet-fabricated CuO NPs in the presence of NaPTS at room temperature: green synthesis of 1,8-dioxooctahydroxanthene derivatives
2021-01-01 Forward osmosis with direct contact membrane distillation using tetrabutylphosphonium p-toluenesulfonate as an effective and safe thermo-recyclable osmotic agent for seawater desalination
2020-12-10 Graphene oxide interlayeredGraphene oxide interlayered Ga-doped FeSe2 nanorod: A robust nanocomposite with ideal electronic structure for electrochemical dopamine detection
2020-12-01 Tetrabutylammonium 2,4,6-trimethylbenzenesulfonate as an effective and regenerable thermo-responsive ionic liquid drawing agent in forward osmosis for seawater desalination
2020-12-01 Solvent-free synthesis of propargylamines via A3 coupling reaction and organic pollutant degradation in aqueous condition using Cu/C catalyst
2020-11-21 Supported bimetallic catalysts for the solvent-free hydrogenation of levulinic acid to gamma-valerolactone: Effect of metal combination (Ni-Cu, Ni-Co, Cu-Co)
2020-11-15 Gallic acid modified alginate self-adhesive hydrogel for strain responsive transdermal delivery
2020-10-02 Effects of operational parameters on bacterial inactivation in Vis-LEDs illuminated N-doped TiO2 based photoreactor
2020-10-01 Thia-crown ether functionalized mesoporous silica (SBA-15) adsorbent for selective recovery of gold (Au3+) ions from electronic waste leachate
2020-10-01 Synthesis of free-standing poly(ionic liquid) bearing 1,2,3-triazole group for the adsorptive elimination of Cr6+ from aqueous solution
2020-09-02 Sulfur Copolymerization with Hydrophilic Comonomers as Polysulfides in Microbeads for Highly Efficient Hg2+ Removal from Wastewater
2020-09-01 Fabrication and characterizations of structurally engineered lanthanum substituted nickel-cobalt ferrites for the analysis of electric and dielectric properties
2020-08-17 In Situ Electrochemical Formation of a Core‐Shell ZnFe2O4@Zn(Fe)OOH Heterostructural Catalyst for Efficient Water Oxidation in Alkaline Medium
2020-08-15 Chemical fixation of carbon dioxide catalyzed via hydroxyl and carboxyl-rich glucose carbonaceous material as a heterogeneous catalyst
2020-08-15 Understanding the synergy between MgO-CeO2 as an effective promoter and ionic liquids for high dimethyl carbonate production from CO2 and methanol
2020-08-05 Crown ethers "clicked" on fibrous polyglycidyl methacrylate for selective Li+
2020-07-01 Recent trends in electrochemical sensors for vital biomedical markers using hybrid nanostructured materials
2020-06-25 Hydrogen generation from catalytic hydrolysis of sodium borohydride by a Cu and Mo promoted Co catalyst
2020-06-15 Tuning the charge carrier density and exciton pair separation in electrospun 1D ZnO-C composite nanofibers and its effect on photodegradation of emerging contaminants
2020-06-02 Carbon-transition metal oxide electrodes: Understanding the role of surface engineering for high energy density supercapacitors
2020-06-01 Hollow Structured Metal Sulfides for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation
2020-04-10 Synergism of transition metal (Co, Ni, Fe, Mn) nanoparticles and active support Fe3O4@C for catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol
2020-04-01 Robust Janus nanocomposite membrane with opposing surface wettability for selective oil-water separation
2020-02-25 Fabrication of multifunctional wax infused porous PVDF film with switchable temperature response surface and anti corrosion property
2020-02-15 Synthesis of biomass-based amines: Metal-free catalytic reductive amination of xylose and biomass-derived carbonyl compounds using pyridine-based ionic liquid/triethoxysilane
2020-02-15 Superior decontamination of toxic organic pollutants under solar light by reduced graphene oxide incorporated tetrapods-like Ag3PO4/MnFe2O4 hierarchical composites
2020-02-05 Hierarchically assembled porous TiO2 nanoparticles with enhanced photocatalytic activity towards Rhodamine-B degradation
2020-01-25 Synthesis and application of novel hydroxylated thia-crown ethers as composite ionophores for selective recovery of Ag+ from aqueous sources
2020-01-15 Thermochromic transition analysis of elastomer prepared from azo dye-siloxane blend
2020-01-01 Sustainable Hydrogen Generation by Catalytic Hydrolysis of NaBH4 Using Tailored Nanostructured Urchin-like CuCo2O4 Spinel Catalyst
2019-12-15 Water-insoluble hydrophilic polysulfides as microfibrous composites
2019-12-15 Greener synthesis of dimethyl carbonate from carbon dioxide and methanol using a tunable ionic liquid catalyst
2019-10-15 In-situ derived hierarchical ZnO/Zn-C nanofiber with high photocatalytic activity and recyclability under solar light
2019-10-14 A switchable single-molecule electrochromic device derived from a viologen-tethered triazolium-based poly(ionic liquid)
2019-10-01 Synergistic effect of a binary ionic liquid/base catalytic system for efficient conversion of epoxide and carbon dioxide into cyclic carbonates
2019-10-01 Reaction parameters dependence of the CO2/epoxide coupling reaction catalyzed by tunable ionic liquids, optimization of comonomer-alternating enhancement pathway

연구수탁 (최근 3년간의 실적)

테이블 이름 - 년도 및 제목
년도 제목
2022-05-26 메탄분해 청록수소 생산을 위한 흡착정제 공정개발(3-1차년도)
2022-03-01 [3-3차년도]환경폐자원연구소(1단계)
2022-03-01 [3-3차년도]환경 지표식물 유사 스마트 변색 필름의 개발 및 응용: 아날로그/디지털 호환성을 지닌 환경자극 응답성 변색 소자
2021-12-01 [2-2차년도]광유도 유기촉매화 리빙 라디칼 중합을 통한 열활성화 지연형광 (TADF) 고분자의 합성 및 용액공정 기반 유기발광다이오드 (OLED) 응용
2021-09-01 [3-2차년도]환경 지표식물 유사 스마트 변색 필름의 개발 및 응용: 아날로그/디지털 호환성을 지닌 환경자극 응답성 변색 소자
2021-03-01 [3-2차년도]환경폐자원연구소(1단계)
2021-01-01 [RCMS]에너지환경융합 CCS공정 혁신기술 고급트랙[5-5차년도]
2020-12-01 [2-1차년도]광유도 유기촉매화 리빙 라디칼 중합을 통한 열활성화 지연형광 (TADF) 고분자의 합성 및 용액공정 기반 유기발광다이오드 (OLED) 응용
2020-09-08 [3-1차년도]환경 지표식물 유사 스마트 변색 필름의 개발 및 응용: 아날로그/디지털 호환성을 지닌 환경자극 응답성 변색 소자
2020-06-01 [3-1차년도]환경폐자원연구소(1단계)
2020-03-01 [8-8차년도]폐기물기반 에너지환경 융합기술 사업팀(국고)
2020-01-01 [RCMS]에너지환경융합 CCS공정 혁신기술 고급트랙[5-4차년도]

저서 (최근 3년간의 실적)

테이블 이름 - 년도 및 제목
년도 제목
2019-11-18 프로젝트: CCS 혁신기술

지적재산권 (최근 3년간의 실적)

테이블 이름 - 년도 및 제목
년도 제목
2022-07-29 CO2 이용을 위한 지속가능한 촉매 시스템으로서 ZnCo2O4-무기 염의 시너지 효과
2020-08-12 H2TiO3가 함침된 복합나노시트를 포함하는 리튬흡착제 및 그 제조방법
2020-07-08 니켈코발트망간산화물을 이용한 리튬회수방법
2020-06-26 니켈망간산화물을 이용한 리튬회수방법

학술대회발표 (최근 3년간의 실적)

테이블 이름 - 년도 및 제목
년도 제목
2022-09-20 An investigation of the robust catalytic system for chemical fixation of CO2 into cyclic carbonates
2022-06-10 Solar-mediated phase-changing materials: Design and innovations on solar energy conversion and storage
2022-06-01 Peroxidase-like activity of Fe species/ZnO@graphitic carbon composite for colorimetric detection of hydrogen peroxide
2022-05-30 Catalytic performance of ionic liquid on the carboxylation of glycerol to glycerol carbonate with carbon dioxide
2022-05-30 A polyphenolic interface layered Al-fluorinated organic compounds for improved combustion properties for energetic applications
2022-05-30 Effect of Direct Carbothermic Reduction-cum-Zinc doping on the Phase, Crystallinity, and Specific Capacitance of 1-D Iron/Carbon
2022-05-30 Attaining absolute 'private' state by dual stimulation of a thermo-electrochromic single-molecule
2022-05-30 Transition metal-carbon composites as an efficient electrocatalyst for nitrogen reduction to ammonia
2022-05-30 Development of dual responsive poly(ionic liquid)s for smart window/display application
2022-05-30 Cu2P/nickel foam as a bifunctional electrocatalyst for urea and hydrazine assisted water splitting
2022-05-13 Selective Oxidation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural to 2,5-furan dicarboxylic Acid Over Ce-based Composites catalysts
2022-05-13 Efficient electrochemical nitrogen reduction to ammonia over Fe-C-based electrocatalyst
2022-05-13 Synthesis and direct integration of PCN-224/PB heterojunction into phase change microcapsules for broadband light absorption capacity to enhance photothermal heating
2022-05-13 Improving B and N dopant concentration in hierarchical porous carbon and its application as metal-free catalyst for p-nitrophenol hydrogenation
2022-05-12 Scalable transformation of waste PET bottle into ultra-porous foams for efficient solar steam generation
2022-05-12 Electrospun Zn(OH)2 nanowire-decorated PAN: A versatile adsorbent for batch decontamination of Cationic and Anionic dyes
2022-05-12 Development of Porous Nickel-Iron Hydroxide Supported N-doped Carbon Hybrid Catalyst for Enhanced Urea Oxidation Reaction
2022-05-12 Pillar-ions formation in the lithium layer of cation-doped LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2 cathode material decreasing the Li/Ni disorder: A first-principles study
2022-05-12 Self-bleaching dual responsive poly (ionic liquid) with optical bi-stability toward climate-adaptable solar modulation
2022-05-12 Adsorption of Acidic and Basic Dyes by Various Heat Treated Niobia: A Combined Effect of Acidity and Crystallinity
2022-05-12 Tunable ion-conductive PEO-based ionene as potential quasi-solid electrolyte for electrochromic devices
2022-05-12 Synthesis of covalent Organic Framework(COFs) Based Membranes for Separation of H2 from CH4
2022-05-12 Transparent-to-black full-visible high-contrast switching from an engineered dual electro-thermoresponsive single-molecule towards effective solar light control
2022-05-12 Development of active metals supported highly-efficient waste recycled Al-based alloys for rapid hydrogen generation
2022-05-12 Heterogeneous activation of PMS by azo dye modified MWCNT: Effect of graphitic nitrogen and structural defect on degradation of organic dye
2022-05-12 Implementing Manganese-oxide/Iron-Oxide/N-doped carbon Heterojunction Catalyst for Voltammetric Detection of Emerging Water Pollutants
2022-05-12 Reinforced cardboard waste fibers with hierarchical dual-pore scaffold for hasty dye removal
2021-10-21 Highly Flexible Poly Butadiene Blended Ca0.8 Sm0.133 TiO3 Composites for Microwave Substrate Applications
2021-10-21 Ionothermal Synthesis of Porous Carbon from Waste Paper Aerogel for Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Reduction
2021-10-21 Dual-Pore Network Valorize PP Mask-Filter/Sodium Alignate-Based Aerogel for Broadband Sound Absorption, Thermal Insulation, and Fire Repellant Application
2021-10-21 Nanofibrous Aerogels Derived from Waste PET Bottles for Enhanced Acoustic Absorption and Insulation
2021-10-21 Superamphiphilic Hydrogel Membranes with Dual Porous Structures by Scaffolding and Pickering and Their Applications in Oil-Water Separation
2021-10-21 Fluorescein Isothiocyanate/Poly-Ionic Liquid (FITC-PIL): A Viologen-Free Electrochromic Material with Promising Applications
2021-10-21 Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Host for High Performance Organic Light Emitting Diodes
2021-10-21 Highly Active and Durable Polymer Supported Electrocatalysts for Electrochemical Water Splitting
2021-10-21 Ultra-Wideband Acoustic Absorption of a Multifunctional Composite Fibrous Panel with Dual-Pore Structure
2021-10-21 Form Stable Polyethylene Glycol/ Hydrated Salt Eutectic Composite for Lowered Supercooling and High-Density Thermal Energy Storage
2021-10-21 Sustainable, Flexible and Hydrophobic Amine Functionalized Waste Plastic Aerogel for Selective and Versatile Carbon Dioxide Absorption
2021-10-21 Fabrication and Properties of in -Situ Polymerized Polyurea Microcapsules for Robust Reversible Photochromic and Energy Storage Performances
2021-10-21 Preparation of Functional Polymer Composite System Composed of Congo Red Derived S/N/O Doped Carbon
2021-10-21 Prussian Blue Intercalated Chitosan-Grafted-Polyaniline Conductive Ink for Electrochemical Sensing of Caffeine in Coffee
2021-10-21 Hierarchical Zn-Cu/ Poly(ionic liquid)/CNT Hybrids for Efficient CO2 Electroreduction
2021-10-21 Viologen-Tethered Imidazole Based Poly(ionic liquid) for Single Molecule Electrochromic Device Application
2021-10-21 Thermo- and Electro-Dual Responsive Poly(ionic liquid)s Electrolyte Based Energy-Saving Smart Windows
2021-10-21 Benzimidazole-Based Ionic Porous Polymer for Effective CO2 Enrichment and Utilization
2021-06-03 Autonomous control dual-response soft-matter hybrid for adaptive modulation of solar transmittance in an all-in-one smart
2021-06-03 Improved hydrogen generation via a urea-assisted method over nickel foam decorated with Fe3O4 Polyhedron
2021-06-03 ZnO-ZnFe2O4 Nanoparticle Heterostructure Embedded in N-doped Graphitic Carbon for High-Performance Supercapacitor
2021-06-03 Highly efficient hydrolysis of recycled waste aluminium (Al) cans and their activated composites with robust galvanic corrosion
2021-06-03 Constructive Synthesis of Hierarchical Nanostructured Electrocatalysts for Water Splitting Applications
2021-06-03 Engineer optimization monolayer of pyridine@Cu-MOF electrocatalyst for reduction of CO2 to selective production of methanol
2021-05-14 Synthesis of transition metal-based catalyst for conversion of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural to 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid for fine chemicals
2021-05-14 Bio-inspired paper waste aerogel with improved oileophilicity and strength via engineer cross-linking for oil-water separation
2021-05-14 Rational design of Fe species/ZnO@carbon core-shell nanocomposite for voltammetric detection of trace level of 4-nitrophenol
2021-05-14 Viologen decorated metal-organic framework (MOF) for voltammetric detection of dopamine
2021-05-14 Efficient synthesis of cyclic carbonate via direct oxidative carboxylation of olefins over metal-carbon framework catalyst
2021-05-13 Surface charge tuning of activated carbon and N/S/O doped carbon using Polyethyleneimine for waste water treatment
2021-05-13 Thermo- and Electro- Dual Responsive Soft Hybrid Material Producing Tunable Optical States for Adaptive Control of Incoming Solar Light
2021-05-13 Phase changing poly(ionic liquid) with electrolytic functionality for a single-layer ionogel-based smart window with thermo- and electro-dual response
2021-05-13 Designing of Metal-organic framework-derived electrocatalysts for overall water oxidation and methanol oxidation
2021-05-13 Metal-organic framework-derived electrocatalysts for overall water splitting in alkaline solution
2021-05-13 Upcycling of post-adsorption solid residue into high energy density battery-type supercapacitor electrode
2021-05-13 Robust mask-based PP/SA aerogel composite material for sound absorption, thermal insulation, and fire retardancy
2021-05-13 Fe-Fe3C heterostructure embedded in carbon as a robust electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
2021-05-12 Self-bleaching dual responsive poly(ionic liquid) with optical bi-stability toward climate-adaptable solar modulation
2021-05-12 Constructive synthesis of hierarchical nanostructured electrocatalysts for water splitting applications
2021-05-12 Straightforward fabrication of robust cryogel from cellulose acetate and PVA for efficient oil-water separation
2021-05-12 Pickering templated micro-porous alginate/polyacrylic acid hydrogel for efficient pollutant adsorption in aqueous and nonaqueous media
2021-05-12 Design and synthesis of SiO2/TiO2/PDA functionalized phase change microcapsules for efficient solar-driven energy storage
2021-05-12 The structural modification through generated microstrain in WO3.0.33H2O thin films with the support of Cu/Zn/Al/Sm metals for enhanced photochromic and thermochromic performance
2020-10-15 Facile fabrication of cryogel from cellulose acetate and PVA for oil-water separation
2020-10-15 Radical and single oxygen induced degradation of caffeine with Feo -D-glucose carbon as heterogeneous activator for peroxymonosulfate
2020-10-15 An electrochemical sensing platform based on adsorption residue for Dopamine
2020-10-15 Mussel-inspired biocompatible alginate hydrogel for stretchable supercapacitor electrode
2020-10-15 Advanced aerogel technology from environmental plastic waste for oil/water separation
2020-10-15 Dysprosium (Dy3+) metal recovery from simulated permanent magnet waste using N-(phosphonomethyl)-iminodiacetic acid-functionalized GO
2020-10-15 Highly efficient reduction of 4-nitrophenol by biomass-derived low Cu loaded carbonaceous catalyst
2020-10-15 Preparation and characterization of methylcellulose/alginate semi-IPN hydrogel for wastewater treatment
2020-10-15 Thermo- and electro-dual responsive ion gel for high-performance electrochromic devices with outstanding electrochromic switching and long-term stability
2020-10-15 Hierarchical growth of free-standing electrocatalysts for electrochemical water splitting in alkaline solution
2020-10-15 Removal of organic dyes from wastewater using heteroatom doped carbon
2020-10-15 Active site-engineered ternary layered hydroxide electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline solution
2020-10-15 Chemical fixation of carbon dioxide catalyzed via hydroxyl and carboxyl-rich glucose carbonaceous material as a heterogeneous catalyst
2020-10-14 Novel naphthlenediiamide based metal-organic framework for electrochromic application
2020-10-14 Hydroxyl-ionic liquid act as a robust heterogeneous catalyst for chemical fixation of CO2 into cyclic carbonates
2020-10-14 Carbothermic synthesis of FeOX/ZnO@carbon for electrochemical detection of 4-nitrophenol
2020-10-14 Microencapsulated n-eicosane/SiO2/TiO2/PDA phase changing material with enhanced localized surface heating effect and visible light irradiation for efficient solar energy utilization
2020-10-14 Universal liquid infused bilayer dual component electrospun nanofiber membrane for multiple phase liquid separation
2020-10-14 An electrochemical sensor based on Fe-Fe3C /carbon for selective and sensitive detection of dopamine
2020-10-14 Polyhedral iron oxide supported on nickel foam as efficient electrocatalyst for overall water splitting
2020-10-14 Investigation of electric and dielectric properties of La3+ doped and structurally engineered Ni-Co nanoferrites
2020-10-14 Tailored nanoscale properties of Ag nanoparticles incorporated WO3 ·0.33H2O nanohybrids and their efficient electrochromic device applications
2020-10-14 Ethylenedioxythiophene (EDOT)-based copolymer obtained via ‘click’synthesis as electroactive material with high solubility and fast response
2020-10-14 One Step Synthesis of Three-Dimensional Fe, Zn, N-Doped Carbon Foam and Their Application for Water Oxidation Reaction
2019-11-01 Mesoporous g-C3N4-prussian blue naohybrid for efficient electrochemical detection of 4-nitrophenol
2019-11-01 Tuning the structure and function of metal-organic framework (MOF) for dynamic control of solar light
2019-11-01 Optimized properties and electrochromic performance of WO3 based nanohybrids
2019-11-01 Effect of crystallinity on supercapacitance property of transition metal ferrites
2019-11-01 Prussian blue decorated Fe3O4@carbon core-shell nanocomposite for highly sensitive electrochemical detection of caffeine
2019-10-31 Metal organic framework decorated calcined eggshell for efficient removal of organic pollutants
2019-10-31 Renewable biomass-derived copper catalysts: a catalyst design for the synthesis of bioactive propargylic amines from xylose
2019-10-31 Photocatalytic degradation of emerging contaminants in aquatic systems over ZnO nanofibers derived from different polymer precursors
2019-10-31 Coaxially electrospuned core-sheath ZnO/g-C3N4 nanofiber composite for photoelectrochemical water splitting
2019-10-31 Dual component bi-layer electrospun naofiber membrane for multiple phase liquid separation
2019-10-31 Synergistic effect of marigold-like CoCuMoO4 microspheres for efficient hydrogen generation via hydrolysis of NaBH4
2019-10-31 Carbonaceous-based heterogeneous catalyst for sustainable chemical fixation of carbon dioxide and epoxides into cyclic carbonates
2019-10-31 Selective production of methanol by the electrochemical reduction of CO2 on Cu@PANI electrodes in aqueous KHCO3 solution
2019-10-31 Ibuprofen removal from waste water using polystryrene microplastic adsorbent
2019-10-31 Self-assembled monolayer of pyridine@Cu-MOF-8 nanoparticle, a new electrocatalyst for reduction of CO2 to methanol
2019-10-31 Development of porous nanofiber membrane with CNT core for an excellent caffeine removal
2019-10-31 Viologen-tethered copolymer as single electroactive layer smart window