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Issue of Faculty & Staff Certificate


Faculty & Staff, Part time teacher, Teaching assistant, Researcher Our University provides
certificate-issue online service for professors, staffs, part time teachers, teaching assistants, researchers.

  Types of Certificates Available
Types of Certificates Professor Part time teacher Staff Teaching assistant Researcher Notes
Certificate of Experience Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Korean
Certificate of Experience
(Including Lecture Career)
Ο Ο       Korean
Proof of Employment Ο   Ο Ο Ο Korean,
  •   English certificate can be possible only if you input English name using General Information System.
  •   Lecture career of Faculty(except for Part time teacher) can be printed from 2004.
  Divisions according to certificates
Divisions according to certificates
Status Division Contacts Notes
Professor(Full-time, Non-full time) Faculty Personnel Management Team 031-330-6705  
Part time teacher(Undergraduate) Academic Support Team 02-300-1473,
Part time teacher(Graduate) General 02-300-1622,
Records, Archives & Information Science 02-300-1636  
Social Education 02-300-1630  
Education 02-300-1636  
Social Welfare 02-300-1641  
Culture and Arts 02-300-1641  
Real Estate and Distribution Management 02-300-1640  
International Affairs 02-300-1658  
Industry 031-330-6852  
Staff Human Resources Team 031-330-6047  
Teaching assistant Faculty Personnel Management Team 031-330-6705  
Researcher Faculty Personnel Management Team 031-330-6120