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Scholarship Application Process

1. Application period : one week before final exams (will be noticed every semester)

2. How to apply: Myongji General Information System(Myiweb) login(ID: Student number) = >
Application = > Account input ( Input your own account number )

3. Requirements

1) A student is required to register least 16 credits (or at least 12 credits in senior 2nd semester) to apply for a schol
No required credits for Patriots-Veterans scholarship.
At least 12 credits for student council scholarship, athletic scholarship, school personnel scholarship, media
scholarship, baduk scholarship, Myongji love type 1, 2, 3, 4 scholarship.
2) Scholarship holder selection standards : higher GPA, higher total credits, financial difficulties(needs official
document), student who finished a chapel, higher credits for major courses, higher credits for common liberal
arts, higher credits for affiliation liberal arts.
3) A student who is currently suspended from school or has been submitted to a disciplinary measure cannot apply
for a scholarship.
4) Limits to scholarship
- No student can gain scholarship for more than 8 semesters(10 semesters for the Department of Construction
- No student can gain more than 1 scholarship in certain period. But following scholarships are not limited by this
rule : exemplary type 2 & 3 scholarship, student council scholarship, loan scholarship, president special schol
arship, globalization(enrolled student), academic activities encourage scholarship(enrolled student), Christian
assistant scholarship, oversea training scholarship, life beginning support scholarship, Honor program scholar
ship, donation, outside school scholarship which designates the beneficiary.
5) Suspension & recoupment of scholarship : Students who take a semester off without enrollment, dropouts, and
expelled students.

4. Etc : Application period for Oversea training scholarship, life beginning support scholarship will be noticed sepa