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Improvement of Competitive research and vitalization of university-industry cooperation

Our university continues training great talents who can contribute to social development and vitalizing university-industry cooperation. Partnership agreements with 98 agencies provide students practical opportunities such as internship, capstone design
(1)Object of The Best University in Research

- The 13th in average grant-based research expenses per a professor in university evaluation of JoongAng Ilbo (2008)

- The 11th in national government grant-based research expenses per a professor in the survey of university
    research activity of the National Research Foundation of Korea (2009)

- The 15th in the technique transfer revenue in university evaluation of JoongAng Ilbo (2010)

(2)Strengthening of research power by selecting and focusing

- Received KWR 5.49 billion of research expenses in 2010 (increased by 9% in comparison with 2007 and by 39% of number of research projects)

- Attracted Center for Food and Drug Materials of the Next Generation Bio-Green Project 21 of the Rural Development
    Administration (Project expense KWR 10 Billion for 10 years)

- Selected as a potential research center for Humanities Korea Project of the National Research Foundation of Korea
    (Project expenses KWR 3.7 Billion for 9 years)

- Selected as a bio energy technology development of the supporting project for priority research center of university
    of the National Research Foundation of Korea (Project expense KWR 5.4 Billion for 9 years)

- Selected as a Hanok Technology Development Project by the Korea Institute of Construction & Transportation
    Tec hnology Evaluation and Planning (Project expense KRW 17.2 Billion for 3.5 years)

- Selected as a Woojangchoon Project of the Rural Development Administration
    (Project expense KRW 5.2 Billion for 5 years)

(3)Establishment of Industry & Academia Cooperation Network

- Conclusion of agreement on Industry & Academia Cooperation with 99 institutes and operate 16 grant-based research centers (as of 2011)

(4)Newly build Industry & Academia Cooperation Center

- Activation of Industry & Academia Cooperation and improvement of operation efficiency in accordance with
    integrated management of common facility room

- Support research activities through securing space for grant-based research center and specialization in accor
    dance with acceptance of research-focused department

- Plan to newly build the Business Incubation Center by supporting of the Small Business Administration, Gyonggi
    Province, and Yongin City

(5)Enhancement of research power through improvement of the professor achievement management index

- Achievement of research expense, achievement of patent and technology transfer, and reflection of industrial
    experience and achievement in case of new appointment

(6) Establishment of leading model of Industry & Academia Cooperation

- Enhancement of industry-academia cooperation infra through employment of experts and operation of common facility room

- Reorganization and administration of curriculum such as opening specialized major, field practice, and capstone design

- Cultivation of manpower and supporting start and entrepreneurship through expansion of Industry & Academia
    Cooperation project and administration of incubation training course and incubation circles

- Enhancement of corporate link such as conclusion of industrial MOU, technology training, training for industrial
    employees, and establishment of school-based enterprise