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The Computer Information Center was established in 1981 in the name of Electronic Calculation Center. Now, the center is in the middle of informatization of the University mainly focusing on improvement of productivity through university-wide system reformation and innovation in task process and so forth. In 2002, the center built a total information system; it increased the efficiency of administration process; enhanced information capacity of the members of the university; fosters adaptability to new changes; strengthened online education and administration; and built information-based environment for education, academic activities and researches.

March 1981 Opened Electronic Calculation Center. The first Director was inaugurated.
April 1981 Acquired two System PDPs – 11/13 (for the practice in Seoul Campus)
February 1982 Acquired a System PDP – 11/13 (for the practice in Yongin Campus)
October 1983 Yongin Campus: Computerized application of classes, grade, university register. Seoul Campus: Computerized students’ practice; calculation of salaries, Year-end account adjustment; and admission of new students
May 1986 Extended System PDP – 11/44 peripheral devices
-Memory: 2.25MB to 3.25MB
-Disk capacity: 160MB to 240MB
December 1989 Acquired an electronic calculation system from the fourth Overseas Economic cooperation Fund (O.E.C.F.)
- Model: IBM 9377-080
April 1990 Planned Myongji Total Information System and carried out
- Planned data processing system and administration efficiency improvement
November 1995 Determined to introduce a system for computerization of administration
March 1996 Acquired the system for computerization of administration (five IBM RS6000s)
August 1998 Changed the University network into ATM type
February 1999 Under the reformation of university organization, closed the center and reorganized it into Informatization Support Team, Department of Informatization Support.
October 2000 Sign a contract with LG-EDS, Inc. for Myongji Total Information System
March 2002 Opened Myongji Total Information System
December 2003 Sigh a contract with handysoft for Groupware System
October 2005 Reformed and opened Korean Version Homepage
January 2006 Under the reformation of university organization, reorganized into Computer Information Center
September 2006 Built total DB Server – IBM RS6k P570, Oracle 9i
(Unified Myiweb, University Homepage, Groupware and EDMS DB Server)
May 2007 Built Internet Disk Solution
February 2008 Built Disaster Recovery System. (DR System)
February 2008 Built Enterprise Management System. (EMS System)

For Further Information, Please visit Computer Information Center website.