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The history of the Myongji University library began in 1956 when the Library of Seoul Humanities College was opened with 5000 books donated by the founder, Dr. Sanggeun Yu. It has developed with Myongji University, and now it owns approximately 1.1 Million books.

To go along the current trends of knowledge-based society which knowledge and information secure national competitiveness, the library provides new digital academic information data such as E-academic journal, data base and so forth; it offers high-quality services to faculty members and students for researches and study.

In 1996, Myongji University Library Information System (MULIS) was developed and the tasks have been computerized. In 2007, the library system was upgraded to DLI 2.5, setting a goal of building of integrated digital library; it improved efficiency in task processing and maximized its capability of user-oriented service, serving Myongji people’s needs of information age.


For further information, please visit Myongji University library website.