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In order to educate engineers required in the information and knowledge-based society of 21st century, the Faculty of Engineering consists of thirteen departments - Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Environmental Biotechnology, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial Management - and is conducting practical and professional training which is required in the industrial site. In addition to the education, the brilliant research achievements of the professors of the Faculty of Engineering have contributed significantly to raise the profile of the Myongji University. The Faculty is not just content with, and is continuously striving to innovate the engineering education to meet the international standards by placing the Innovation Center for Engineering Education.

 Educational Goal

Educational Goals of College of Engineering 
Train engineering technician who has superb practical and problem solving skills by learning the basic theory of engineering and performing experiments, design and industry-university collaborative education.

Educate the student to have knowledge and skills like:
1. To understand, analyze and synthesize the engineering theory, then to apply them creatively to experiment,
   design practice and production.
2. To understand the engineering point of view on industrial, economic, social, cultural, environmental and other
   various issues
3. Good communication and utilization of the information technology
4. Awareness and participation in lifelong learning
5. Radically professional ethics, constructive cooperativeness and practical spirit of service