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1922~1992 Bangmok Dr. Sang-geun You
He was born in Buyeo, Chungnam and majored in Science of Public Administration in University of Pittsburgh, U.S.A. and Seoul University. He got a doctoral degree in Law from Korea University, honorary Ph.Ds from Junghwa Academy, in China, LA Bible Seminary, Campbell University in U.S.A.
“Did his duty as an exceptional administrator.”
He filled various government posts such as Chungcheongbuk-do Director of Industry in 1959, Director of Statistics in Department of the Interior, Minister of Unification Board. He not only took a census as first in nation and promoted modernization of statistics administration, but also played a critical role in making a basis for South-North unification.
“Led evangelization of nation and world.”
After being appointed as an Elder in Seoul Hyodong Church at the age of 33, he served in Sinil Church and Myongji University Church. He did his best in evangelizing the schools, nation, and world as the President of Korea Christian Missionary, the President of Korea Christian Businessmen(CBMC), the President of Christian Sejin, and 88 Olympics Christian Honorary President.
“Did his utmost in training responsible and capable individuals.”
He established Myongji Institution and with affiliated education facilities such as Myongji University, Gwandong University, Myongji City College, Myongji High School, Myongji Elementary School, Myongji Kindergarten, etc., he did his utmost in training responsible and capable individuals based on Christian faith. He also greatly contributed to development of nation’s education by serving as the President of Seoul College of Education of Liberal Arts and Science, of Myongji University, of Korea University Corporate Council, and of Korea Private Institution Corporate Unity In all his life, he was a clean, diligent worker who cared for nation and the people, and a meek religious leader. As he sacrificed and served as a true educator, he was awarded with Republic of Korea Nokjogeunjeong Medal, Order of Civil Merit(Rose of Sharon Medal), the Federal Republic of Germany Cultural Medal of Merit, Pakistan Star Medal, etc.