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  • Quickening Stage
  • Growing Stage
  • Developing Stage
  • Leaping Stage

1948 ~ 1963  1st : Quickening Stage

Myongji University set off as Seoul Primary College of Home Economics , established by Moo-gung Institution in 1948 and in 1952,  established Geunhwa Women’s Primary College.
In 1955, its name was changed to Seoul Primary Women’s College.  In 1956, it was reorganized as a coeducation school, Seoul College of Education of Liberal Arts and Science.  Then, Christian founding spirit and education policy was set up. According to timely demand of reinforcement of vocational training, its name was changed again to Seoul Practical College of Liberal Arts and Science in 1962.
  • 1963. 10 The School is renamed Myongji Primary College.
  • 1956. 02 Dr. You implements a comprehensive reorganization of the institution, on the basis of which Seoul Liberal Arts & Sciences Teachers’College is newly established / 1956. 01 Dr. sang-geun You assumes the chairmanship of the Board of Trustees, The Founding Sprit and Educational Objectives are devised and proclaimed.
  • 1955. 03 Genuhwa Women’s Primary College is renamed the Seoul Women’s Primary College
  • 1952. 07 The Seoul Primary College of Home Economics is replaced by Geunhwa Women’s  Primary College
  • 1948. 09 The Seoul Primary College opens its doors / 1948. 07 The Seoul Primary College of Home Economics is founded